Parts for Corrugated Box MachineEmpire Corrugated Machinery specializes in providing crucial components for a thorough rebuild of your DGU Glue and Meter Roll, ensuring optimal performance in your corrugated cardboard production line.

At the core of the Double Glue Unit (DGU), the Glue and Meter Rolls are responsible for the application of adhesive during production. These rolls are indispensable for evenly distributing adhesive across the cardboard surface, playing a role in maintaining the structural integrity and quality of the final product.

The DGU Glue and Meter Rolls feature specialized designs to ensure consistent coating and precise regulation of adhesive application. The Glue Roll uniformly applies adhesive to the Meter Roll, resulting in a consistent and uniform layer of glue. Meanwhile, the Meter Roll carefully controls the amount of adhesive applied to the corrugated sheets, maintaining optimal thickness with unmatched accuracy.

Should issues or malfunctions arise with the DGU Glue and Meter Rolls, production may encounter disruptions, leading to downtime and reduced productivity. To address these challenges, Empire Corrugated Machinery offers a selection of replacement parts tailored specifically for the DGU Glue and Meter Rolls.

While we don’t offer installation or maintenance services directly, we’re happy to recommend trusted companies that do, specifically for corrugated machinery like the glue and meter roll. Contact us for reliable service provider referrals.

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DGU Glue and Meter Rolls Part Numbers

Glue roll assembly R45702F

Item Part Number Description QTY
1 WA11709 Roller bearing 2
2 WA40526 Ball thrust bearing 1
3 WA04643 Seal, inner retainer 2
4 WA69148 Seal, outer retainer O.S. 1
5 WA06671 Seal, outer retainer D.S. 1
6 WA05326 Bearing locknut 1
7 WA05327 Bearing lockwasher  


Meter roll assembly R58356F

Item Part Number Description QTY
8 R40352 Eccentric, bearing housing 2
9 R40364 Housing, eccentric 2
10 WA11792 Roller bearing 2
11 WA32146 Ball thrust bearing 1
12 WA80913 Seal, inner retainer O.S. 2
13 WA82490 Seal, outer retainer O.S. 1
14 WA05335 Bearing locknut 1
15 WA05336 Bearing lockwasher 1
16 WA42715 Timing belt, drive 1
17 WA82450 Timing belt, gap 1
18 WA81126 Jactuator 2
19 R42229 Stop nut Jactuator 2
20 R05812 Universal joint 2
21 WA02411 HSSS #10 – 24 x 3/8″ SST 2
22 WA15300 Taper pin w/ nut 1

Scraper blade assembly R60413F

Item Part Number Description QTY
23 R40387 Scraper blade 1
24 WA28456 (WA45894) HHCS 1/4 – 20 x 5/8 9
25 WA18058 (WA01371) Lockwasher 1/4″ 9
26 R03129 Stud, spring 2
27 WA26093 Compression spring 2
28 WA46539 Hex nut 3/8 – 16 2
29 WA26006 Nyloc hex nut 3/8 – 16 2
30 WA19490/SS Flat washer 3/8″ 4
31 WA90361 Bushing, self lubricating 2

Trolley frame assembly MA0577F

Item Part Number Description QTY
32 R42218 (WA82415) Bearing, V-roller 4
33 WA13956 Hex jam nut 1-1/4 – 12 4
34 R46582/SS V-track SST 2
35 WA01741/CR SHCS 1/2 – 13 x 3-1/2 zinc plated 8

Input drive assembly R45700F

Item Part Number Description QTY
36 R46027 Gear 48T, glue roll 1
37 R48798 Gear 40T, pinion shaft 1
38 WA82402 Ringfeder lock 2
39 R48282/X Pinion drive shaft 1
40 WA82470 Bearing 1
41 WA06291 Bearing locknut 1
42 WA06292 Bearing lockwasher 1
43 WA04643 Seal 1
44 WA64715 Seal 1
45 WA82234 Taper pin #7 2
46 WA82464/X Elastomer coupling assembly 1
47 WA82464/E Elastomer element (spare) 1

Additional Considerations 

Item Part Number Description QTY
48 WA82060 Timing sprocket w/ QD bush, meter 1
49 WA82059 Timing sprocket w/ QD bush, glue 1

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