Corrugated Paper Equipment Maintenance

The DGU Input Drive is an important component within the United Eagle unit, serving as the engine that powers the precise movement and functionality of the glue application process in the corrugated cardboard production line. Responsible for orchestrating the flow of adhesive with accuracy and efficiency, it synchronizes the actions of various elements to ensure distribution along the cardboard surface.

When the input drive encounters issues or malfunctions, operations face significant disruptions, leading to downtime and financial losses for manufacturers. Empire Corrugated understands the critical importance of keeping this component in optimal condition. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of replacement parts tailored to overhaul the double glue unit input drives, including gears, motors, belts, and pulleys. Our spare parts selection is curated to ensure swift restoration of functionality and minimal disruption to operations.

While we don’t offer installation or maintenance services directly, we’re happy to recommend trusted companies that do, specifically for corrugated machinery like DGU Input Drive. Contact us for reliable service provider referrals.

We strive to stock most parts listed to ship within 3-5 days if available. For price and availability please e-mail

Parts List for DGU Input Drive Assembly

Item Part Number Description QTY
1 R46027 Gear 48 teeth 1
2 R48798 Gear 40 teeth 1
3 R48282 Input drive shaft 1
4 WA82402 Ringfeder locking assembly 2
5 WA04643 Seal 1
6 WA64715 Seal 1
7 WA06291 Bearing locknut 1
8 WA06292 Bearing lock washer 1
9 WA82470 Bearing 1
10 WA82464/X Elastomer coupling assembly 1
 Additional Considerations:
11 WA82406 Speed reducer 1
11A Crate fee Shipping crate for WA82406 1

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