Parts for Corrugated Box MachineEmpire Corrugated Machinery specializes in providing the necessary components to complete a thorough DGU Left Hand Glue Pan rebuild, ensuring seamless functionality in your corrugated cardboard production line.

The DGU Left Hand Glue Pan stands as a crucial element within the Double Glue Unit (DGU), serving as the primary container and distributor of adhesive during the manufacturing process. This component plays a role in ensuring precise adhesive application onto corrugated sheets, crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and quality of the final product. The United Eagle DGU Left Hand Glue Pan features a specialized design to contain and evenly distribute adhesive across the corrugated sheets. It ensures that the adhesive is applied precisely where needed, optimizing bond strength while minimizing waste and mess.

In the event of issues or malfunctions with the DGU Left Hand Glue Pan, production operations may experience disruptions, leading to downtime and decreased productivity. To address these challenges, Empire Corrugated Machinery offers a range of replacement parts tailored specifically for the Left Hand Glue Pan.

While we don’t offer installation or maintenance services directly, we’re happy to recommend trusted companies that do, specifically for corrugated machinery like the Left Hand Glue Pan. Contact us for reliable service provider referrals.

We strive to stock most parts listed to ship within 3-5 days if available. For price and availability please e-mail

DGU Left Hand Glue Pan Rebuild Part Numbers

Item Part Number  Description  QTY
1 R41438F Moveable Pan L.S. 1 1
2 MA2794/NT Stationary Pan SST w/o Teflon 1
3 R41436F Moveable Pan R.S. 1
4 WA32633 FHCS No.10 SS NYLOC 15
5 R52180/NT Ring, Manual Adj. w/o Teflon 2
6 R53269Q Angle, Manual Adj. 2
7 R52716E Key, Manual Adj. 2
8 WA04596 SHCS .250 – 20 x .75 LG 4
9 WA09522 Set Screw .375 – 16 x .75 LG 4
10 R53735/SS Glue Pan Assy, L.H. paper going 1
11 WA83864 HSH Shoulder Bolt 1.0 x .75LG SS 2
12 WA51707 HHCS .750 – 10 x 2.75 LG SS 2
13 R41867Q Eccentric 2
14 WA10702/SS Elbow 90, SST 3 In. 1 1
15 WA90809 FHMS No. 6 – 32 x .63 LG SS 7
16 R61619H Support, Plate SST 1
17 WA09324 HHCS .312 – 18 x .75 LG SS 4
18 WA09328 HHCS .250 – 20 x 1.00 LG SS 4
19 WA07051 HSBHCS .250 – 20 x .75 11
20 R52144H Splash Shield 1
21 WA17244 Hex Nut .250 – 20 FLEXLOC 11
22 R56337E Handle, Glue Pan Pull 2
23 WA45270 .250 – 20 x .62 SS 4
24 WA86862 Locknut # 6 – 32 SST 7
25 WA77529 Flat Washer #6 SST 7
26 R41436/KIT Glue Pan Dam & Wiper Kit R.S. 1
27 R41438/KIT Glue Pan Dam & Wiper Kit L.S 1
28 Crate Fee Items must be crated for shipping via LTL. 1

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