A DGU Lower Splash Guard being down causes significant down time within the corrugated cardboard industry, meaning dollars are being lost! Dgu Lower Splash Guard

Provided below is the replacement parts to overhaul the DGU Lower Splash Guard of your United Eagle double glue unit. Empire Corrugated strives to have all these items in stock and the lowest market price helping you get your equipment back up and running within budget making it timely and cost-effective. For more information or to to purchase, contact us.

DGU Lower Splash Guard Part Numbers

Ref. Lower Deck Assembly R55728F:
Item Part Number Description QTY
1 R50833/SS Tube support, Stainless w/o Teflon 1
2 R50875 Yoke 4
3 R50877/SS Angle 4
4 R51130/SS Splash Guard, Stainless w/o Teflon 2
5 WA46495 Thumb Screw 4
6 WA80894 Handle 4
7 WA36086 Washer 1/4″ 8
8 WA45640 HHCS 5/16 x 1″ 8
9 WA09326 HHCS 1/4″ 16
10 WA27720 Hex Nut 1/4″ 8
11 WA02059 SHCS 1/2 x 2″ 4
12 WA01741 SHCS 1/2 x 3-1/2″ 4
13 R56477 Spacer 60 degree 2
14 R56478 Guide block 6
15 WA09325 HHCS 5/16″ 12
16 MA0029 Pivot Latch 12

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