DGU Track Extension

At Empire Corrugated Machinery, we are your premier destination for premium replacement parts, including those essential for optimizing your corrugated cardboard equipment, such as the DGU Track Extension. This component plays a crucial role in the production of corrugated cardboard by extending the track for the sheets during the gluing process. The extension allows for the accommodation of larger sheet sizes and provides the capability to adjust the gluing process to meet specific production needs. By adding length to the track, it ensures that adhesive is applied precisely across the entire length of the corrugated sheets, maintaining consistency and quality in your final product.

The DGU Track Extension significantly enhances the flexibility of your production line, enabling the handling of a broader range of sheet sizes and configurations. This adaptation leads to increased production flexibility and efficiency.

While we don’t offer installation or maintenance services directly, we’re happy to recommend trusted companies that do, specifically for corrugated machinery like the track extension. Contact us for reliable service provider referrals.

We strive to stock most parts listed to ship within 3-5 days if available. For price and availability please e-mail info@senasys.com.

Reference assembly DGU Track Extension MA1207F

Item Part Number Description QTY
1 R47103 Stand V-track 2
2 R47105 Support, track 2
3 R47183/24 Track extension 24″ 2
4 R47180 Brace, track support 1
5 WA09463 HHCS 5/8″ 8
6 WA01310 Hex nut 5/8″ 8
7 WA43495 HHCS 3/8″ 12
8 WA01363 Lockwasher 3/8″ 12
9 WA01301 Hex nut 3/8″ 4
10 WA44551 HHCS 1/2″ 4
11 WA01365 Lockwasher 1/2″ 8
12 WA01305 Hex nut 1/2″ 4
13 WA44552 HHCS 1/2″ 4
14 Crate Items must be crated for shipping via LTL. 1


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