Empire Corrugated Machinery CatalogEmpire Corrugated Machinery is excited to announce the release of our online catalog 

This exciting addition to our website will allow customers to review our most common corrugated replacement parts, and send us request for quotes directly from our website. It’s as easy as three steps: 

  1. Visit this link.
  2. Search the part number you are sourcing
  3. Click Request for Quote

From there you can continue to add other products from our catalog to the same request by repeating the above steps. If you wish to complete the quote, click on the Cart icon at the top of the page, submit your contact details, and a member of our direct technical support team will follow up within 1-2 business days. 

Our goal with this new website function is to be able to provide customers with faster turnaround times with requests, recommend items, provide estimated stocking information, and we plan to add other improvements to the catalog going forward such as complete rebuild lists for many of the United / BW Paper System glue section machines that we support.  

We are actively populating our online catalog with part numbers. If you are not able to find a part number listed within our catalog, we likely are able to provide a replacement part of the item, but it may not be a common stock part for us. If you do come across not being able to locate a part, just contact us directly here. 

corrugated machine replacement parts

Empire Corrugated Machinery has over 5,500 part numbers in inventory and our part number database is compromised of over 17,000 different part numbers. We specialize in the United, Koppers, Hooper-Swift, and Universal custom machined parts. We also have – and can get – some Prime, S & S, Langston, and Ward parts, but this is mostly limited to gears, sprockets, and splined shafts.