Corrugated Glue Machine PartsLike most high-performance equipment, corrugated box equipment requires preventative maintenance on a regular schedule to ensure its meeting optimal performance and output of material. Additionally, to replace a complete corrugator machine is extremely expensive! By performing regular preventative maintenance checks, and having the ability to replace parts when needed will not only keep your machines running at a high-performance rate, but will also save you thousands of dollars down the road. 

Empire Corrugated Machinery offers a variety of replacement parts for the glue machine sections of United, Ward, Langston, BW Paper Systems corrugator machinery, and we are working to expand our catalog of replacement parts to support the converting unit section. 

Empire Corrugated Box Equipment: Overhaul Kits for Smooth Operations

For the glue section of the United single facers and double glue unit, we offer complete overhaul kits by section of the glue machine. By performing rebuilds on your equipment every few years, this will provide the optimal performance required. But of course, like any other machine, bearings, shafts, gears, and other components break during production time. With our large catalog of over 5,000 parts, we are able to provide replacement parts FAST to the corrugated box industry to get equipment back up and running quickly with next day shipping options available.

With our expansion into the converting section of the corrugators, we are adding products as requests are received. If a replacement part within this section breaks, send our team a request for quote including all information available – OEM part number, description, image of the part, drawing if available, and/or ship us the distressed part you are looking to replace. With our in-house machining capabilities, we can reverse engineer many of these parts and get you the part you need.  

If you have a machine that goes down, or if you are looking to complete an overhaul, contact Empire Corrugated Machinery. We will get you a replacement part(s) fast and at a lower cost compared to the OEM. 

corrugated machine replacement parts

Empire Corrugated Machinery has over 5,500 part numbers in inventory and our part number database is compromised of over 17,000 different part numbers. We specialize in the United, Koppers, Hooper-Swift, and Universal custom machined parts. We also have – and can get – some Prime, S & S, Langston, and Ward parts, but this is mostly limited to gears, sprockets, and splined shafts.