SFM glue and Meter Roll

The DGU SFM Glue Roll and Metering Roll are fundamental components within the United Eagle unit, each fulfilling a role in the precise application of adhesive in corrugated cardboard production lines. Collaborating seamlessly, these components ensure the precise distribution of adhesive across the cardboard surface, a critical factor in preserving the structural integrity and quality of the final product.

The SFM Glue Roll is in charge of uniformly coating the metering roll with adhesive, guaranteeing a consistent and uniform layer of glue application. This process ensures that the adhesive is deployed precisely where needed, optimizing bond strength while minimizing waste. Meanwhile, the Metering Roll regulates the amount of adhesive applied to the corrugated sheets, finely controlling the thickness of the glue layer with unparalleled precision.

Any disruptions or malfunctions with the SFM Glue Roll and Metering Roll can profoundly impact the adhesive application process, resulting in irregular glue distribution, product defects, and costly downtime in production. To address these challenges, Empire Corrugated Machinery offers a range of replacement parts tailored to overhaul these vital components.

While we don’t offer installation or maintenance services directly, we’re happy to recommend trusted companies that do, specifically for corrugated machinery like the SFM Glue and Metering Roll. Contact us for reliable service provider referrals.

We strive to stock most parts listed to ship within 3-5 days if available. For price and availability please e-mail info@senasys.com.

For more information on the SFM UCR Paralleling Procedure, click here.

SFM glue and Metering Roll Part Numbers


QTY Part Number Description
1 R53584 Glue roll, Satin chrome finish
2 WA04643 Seal
2 WA11709 Roller bearings
2 MB7006 Brass seal
2 R53635 Teflon seal
1 WA40526 Ball bearing, thrust bearing
1 WA05326 Locknut, Spanner
1 WA05327 Lockwasher, Spanner
1 WA06671 Seal
1 WA82461 Timing belt


QTY Part Number Description
1 R53585 Metering roll, Chrome finish
2 WA80913 Seal
2 WA11792 Roller bearing, Main
1 MB7007 Brass Seal
1 R40344 Teflon Seal
1 WA32146 Ball bearing, Thrust
1 WA05335 Locknut, Spanner
1 WA05336 Lockwasher, Spanner
1 WA12340 Seal
1 WA42715 Timing belt
2 WA81126 Jactuator
2 R41971/X Jactuator Stop Nut

Highly Recommended

QTY Part Number Description
2 R40352 Eccentric bearing
2 R40364 Bearing housing
1 R59140 Scraper blade (Arm mounted)
1  R40387 Scraper Blade (Pan mounted)

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