A SFM Glue and Metering Roll being down causes significant down time within the corrugated cardboard industry, meaning dollars are being lost!

SFM glue and Metering Roll

For more information on the SFM UCR Paralleling Procedure, click here.

Provided below is the replacement parts to overhaul the SFM Glue and Meter Rolls on one deck of your United Eagle double glue unit. Empire Corrugated strives to have all these items in stock and the lowest market price helping you get your equipment back up and running within budget making it timely and cost-effective.

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SFM glue and Metering Roll Part Numbers


QTY Part Number Description
1 R53584 Glue roll, Satin chrome finish
2 WA04643 Seal
2 WA11709 Roller bearings
2 MB7006 Brass seal
2 R53635 Teflon seal
1 WA40526 Ball bearing, thrust bearing
1 WA05326 Locknut, Spanner
1 WA05327 Lockwasher, Spanner
1 WA06671 Seal
1 WA82461 Timing belt


QTY Part Number Description
1 R53585 Metering roll, Chrome finish
2 WA80913 Seal
2 WA11792 Roller bearing, Main
1 MB7007 Brass Seal
1 R40344 Teflon Seal
1 WA32146 Ball bearing, Thrust
1 WA05335 Locknut, Spanner
1 WA05336 Lockwasher, Spanner
1 WA12340 Seal
1 WA42715 Timing belt
2 WA81126 Jactuator
2 R41971/X Jactuator Stop Nut

Highly Recommended:

QTY Part Number Description
2 R40352 Eccentric bearing
2 R40364 Bearing housing
1 R59140 Scraper blade (Arm mounted)
1  R40387 Scraper Blade (Pan mounted)

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