SFM glue and Meter Roll

When a United Eagle double glue unit malfunctions, it leads to substantial downtime in the corrugated cardboard industry, resulting in financial losses. Fortunately, Empire Corrugated offers a diverse range of spare parts for United Eagle DGU Glue Machines, ensuring you can easily acquire the necessary components to minimize disruption.

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Below, you’ll find the replacement parts for refurbishing the DGU Glue Machine on a single deck of your United Eagle double glue unit. Empire Corrugated is committed to maintaining stock of all these items at the most competitive market prices, ensuring a timely and cost-effective solution to get your equipment operational within budget.

Spare Parts for Double Glue Unit
Item Part Number Description QTY
1 R40387 Scraper blade, meter roll 2
2 R46145 Glue dam blade 4
3 R47292 Wiper blade, glue dam 4
4 R47291 Spring blade, glue dam 4
5 WA82766 Encoder, main drive 1
6 WA82772 Solenoid valve, single action 1
7 WA82773 Solenoid valve, double action 2
The malfunction of a United Eagle double glue unit can have significant repercussions, causing considerable downtime and financial losses in the corrugated cardboard industry. However, Empire Corrugated stands as a reliable solution, offering a diverse array of spare parts for United Eagle DGU Glue Machines. This ensures a swift and cost-effective resolution, allowing businesses to readily acquire the necessary components and minimize disruptions in their operations. For further details on DGU Glue Machine Spare Parts, please click here, and rest assured that Empire Corrugated remains dedicated to providing timely and budget-friendly solutions for keeping your equipment operational.

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